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How to Buy from Stock

negotation Negotiation arrow_new

Make Negotiation for your selected vehicle.

invoiceProforma arrow_new

Proforma will be issued from our side for the negotiated vehicle.

order_itemOrder Item arrow_new

Order vehicle once you agree with the price as per the proforma.

make-paymentPayment arrow_new

Deposit payment to Lead Solution bank account only mentioned on the Invoice.

receivedDocument arrow_new

Documents and shipping details will be sent on receiving the payment


Receive vehicle on your port and drive home your dream car.

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How to Buy from Auction

negotation Register arrow_new

Register as free member by filling the Register Form. When you're ready, deposit JPY 100,000-per car to start bidding.

invoiceBidding arrow_new

Choose your vehicle and place bid on it by "Make Bid" form.

order_itemPayment arrow_new

If the bid is successful, transfer the complete payment within 2 days from receiving the invoice.

make-paymentShipping arrow_new

We will ship vehicle at the earliest and will send shipping documents via EMS or DHL.


Drive home your dream car once you receive it at your port.

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